What exactly is The Parsnip Ship?

The Parsnip Ship re-imagines the concept of the radio play by specifically focusing on stories that differ in form, content and plot by emerging playwrights. The series featured new plays and new music performed live and released as a free podcast. This live event and podcast series highlights diverse voices in both theater and music and brings awareness to inspiring artists. No other theatrical event provides a free live event with our format: curation of live independent musicians and a personal interview with the playwright. Hosted by Iyvon Edebiri and recorded live every month in Brooklyn, The Parsnip Ship is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.

What are you looking for in a TPS produced audio drama/radio play?

Here are some questions we like to ask ourselves as we consider a play:

  • Does the play not only work, but excel in an audio only format?

  • Is the play exciting and unexpected?

  • Does the play express diversity in its perspective, voice, or content?

  • Is this play engaged in socially conscious and civic dialogue?

  • What would the world be missing if it didn’t have this play?

How does the two-round submissions process work?

Due to an overwhelming volume of submissions in past years, The Parsnip Ship does a two-round submission cycle for applicants. We are asking playwrights to only submit the first 15 pages of their plays for consideration of Round One evaluations. If selected, playwrights will be asked to send their full length draft or complete script for Round Two evaluation.

We will be accepting submissions by individual playwrights, playwright/director teams, playwright/director/music teams from March 22nd - April 21st, 2019 for Season Five (September 2019 - June 2020). We fully encourage individual playwrights to apply; our Artistic team will work with you to pair a director, cast, and musical guest from our pool of amazing collaborators.    

What are the logistical elements I should know before applying:

  • We can ONLY accommodate up to 6 readers (this includes a reader for stage directions). Please do NOT submit a play that will require more than 6 readers.

  • Your play must be no more than 90 minutes running time

    • Minimum 50 pages for the full script in standard format, text and font

    • Maximum 90 pages for the full script in standard format, text and font

  • We do accept plays with music as long as the music is either original or does infringe on the copyright of the original artist

  • We do not accept 10-minute play submissions

  • Selected playwrights in the NYC area are required come to an episode prior to their scheduled episode, especially if they’ve never attended a live recording of The Parsnip Ship

  • You are only able to submit one play for consideration

  • We prefer New York City or locally based playwrights.

    • Unfortunately, as a young arts org we cannot afford to pay for or reimburse travel expenses related to attending rehearsals/the live recording

  • Our playwright must be present for the live recording (and usually rehearsals too)

  • We can accommodate 3 inputs for our musical guest, i.e. 1 mic and 2 instruments/2 mics and 1 instrument/3 mics

  • It is strongly encouraged to listen to a previous episode via http://www.theparsnipship.com/#listen-in

Does The Parsnip Ship work on an AEA, SAG or SDC contract?

The Parsnip Ship does not work on an AEA or SAG contract or any union contract. Due to our hybrid format of storytelling and music, our focus on voluntary artistic collaboration, along with our free admission for the live recording, and free downloads of our episodes, none of the unions have found reason to have jurisdiction over our operations. Even though we are not beholden to a union, The Parsnip Ship believes in creating and fostering a fun, collaborative and respectful environment between our team and our artistic collaborators.

Who does the casting for each episode? What about a director?

The Parsnip Ship believes in being as playwright-led as possible. This means that you (the playwright, and/or director) are free to cast and collaborate with whomever they’d like with The Parsnip Ship’s approval. If help is needed with casting a particular role or finding a director, The Parsnip Ship team has a wide network of actors and collaborators to reach out to. Although we love when playwrights are excited to confirm their collaborators, it is important to speak with us before confirming the cast, director or musician for the live recording.

How does a musician get paired with an episode?

The Parsnip Ship pairs each play with a specific musician. We consider the tone, sound and mood of the musician/band to pair with the play. If a member of the creative team has someone to recommend, we welcome them send names our way to check out their work!

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to email [email protected] and we’re happy to get back to you as soon as possible!